Why We’re Different

We are dedicated to our client’s future! If your business encounters physical, human or technological risks, and we’ve helped you implement the best available insurance program to protect you, then you’re safer and we’ve succeeded!

What We Do:


  • speak to you in business terminology not ‘insurance legal speak’.
  • get to understand your business better than other general insurance brokers because our multifaceted approach is a combination of being  an accountant, solicitor and risk manager.
  • are focused on outcomes for you.
  • love big challenges, as well as your everyday requirements. Whatever the challenge or the context, every employee seeks ways to tackle the challenge effectively and efficiently.
  • provide the best products, services and solutions to protect you
  • value time: your time and our time. If we cannot help you, we will tell you.
  • value great communication.
  • are passionate about building string, long-lasting client relationships.
  • value excellence.
  • preserve trust even when formal relationships end.

Call 1800 BENJAMIN (1800 236 526)


We are expert insurance brokers, allow us to review your insurance program to ensure you get the insurance cover you need to protect your business!

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